Meet Swizly - the digital solution to aggregating your dispersed social media content into one social hub.

Establish a single online portfolio point of reference for increased referrals from your current clients and recruit new ones. Crowd-source dispersed testimonials from clients from all social networks and aggregate them on one organized social hub.

Showcase your expertise from your social networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Wordpress and over eight more on one single social hub. Increase readership of your professional blog by incorporating RSS feeds into your Swizly page.

Use Swizly as your professional website; opt for a custom domain that reflects your profession for increased brand recall (e.g., or supplement your existing professional website with exhaustive social media support, using a single piece of code instead of ten. Check the full list of new TLDs.

Aggregate the hashtags that interest you - from industry topics, conventions to conference hashtags - and become the primary reference for news in your area of expertise. Moderate content that goes up on your social hub by the click of a button.

Gain valuable mobile real estate through your own mobile web app; incorporate offline QR support for an increased social media fanbase.

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