Say Hello to Swizly - digital solution to aggregating your dispersed social media content into one social hub.

Aggregate and Crowd-Source content: Get it all together. From faculty, students, alumni and potential applicants. Showcase campus life and maintain a well-rounded, dynamic social hub. Increase your reach and appeal to users of various social media channels.

Distinguish faculties by dedicating a Swizly page for each one; tweak the look and feel to reflect their intercollegiate identities, or aggregate all faculties into a single hub.

Point Swizly to a custom domain or embed it into your existing website and supplement your institution website with exhaustive social media content using a single piece of code instead of ten, without the API maintenance headache.

Impact and influence industries. Aggregate content from the trending and promoted hashtags of your choice (such as hashtags tailored for conferences and talks) and establish your Swizly page as the premier, leading reference for academic and research news, education tips, etc.

Present your literature as an immersive experience. Showcase and promote your school’s latest research, publications and success stories using over 10 social networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc. on a single hub.

Display your academic blogs by incorporating RSS feeds on Swizly’s fluid platform.

Keep students, faculty and alumni up-to-date with all your social media content via your social hub’s mobile web app.

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